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Update Lets Microsoft Zune Play With Windows Vista

Dec 20, 20061 min
Consumer Electronics

Microsoft this week released an update that makes software for its Zune device available on Windows Vista.

The software can be downloaded at the Zune website.

Microsoft Zune
Microsoft Zune

According to Microsoft’s Zune Insider blog, the update also improves Zune’s software installation process.

Microsoft released its Zune video and music player and accompanying Zune Marketplace online store in November, but out of the gate the device was not Vista compatible. However, at the time the company said it would be available in plenty of time for Vista’s consumer release, which is scheduled for Jan. 30.

Some users already have adopted Vista for personal use by installing the late test releases of the OS on their machines. Microsoft also released Vista to businesses on Nov. 30, but companies are not expected to adopt the OS widely until next year or even 2008.

-Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service (New York Bureau)

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