by CIO Staff

Nexaweb Studio 3.0 Enhances AJAX and Java Support, Adds Enterprise Data Integration

Dec 18, 20061 min

Nexaweb Technologies, Inc. released the latest version of Nexaweb Studio. Nexaweb Studio 3.0, says the company, is an Eclipse-based IDE that offers enterprise Web developers, AJAX, J2EE/Java developers and software engineers a standards-based, visual design environment for creating enterprise Web 2.0 applications.

Nexaweb Studio 3.0 works in conjunction with the Nexaweb Platform (Version 4.5 was also announced today), using a drag-and-drop design environment. Developers can access Ajax UI capabilities through plug-ins to the Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF) and Web Standard Tools (WST) projects. Nexaweb Studio 3.0 supports Dojo controls, as well as various other third-party Java and Ajax widget libraries, according to Nexaweb Technologies.

For integration with backend data sources and services, Nexaweb Studio 3.0 offers a plug-in to the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) project which supports database frameworks, relational database tools, and more. The Nexaweb Platform provides an XML framework and a visual, Eclipse-based development environment with declarative data binding, extensible data services, and a communications layer to help developers deploy enterprise-class applications over the Web.