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HP, Cingular Unveil UMTS/HSDPA-Based Laptop

Dec 12, 20062 mins

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the PC giant, and wireless carrier Cingular Wireless on Monday unveiled the HP Compaq nc6400 laptop computer, which includes “built-in global mobile broadband capabilities” in the form of integrated Cingular Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)/high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA)-based connectivity, reports.

The support for UMTS/HSDPA mobile phone technologies means users of the HP Compaq nc6400 will have access to high-speed wireless data networks in some 115 countries that support UMTS or GRPS/EDGE networks, according to NetworkWorld.

The new laptop features a tri-band UMTS modem that can support data rates as high as 3.6Mbps in the United States and various other countries, according to HP, NetworkWorld reports. Cingular says its UMTS/HSDPA network is accessible throughout 33 states, in nearly 150 metropolitan locales and 65 of those states’ 100 biggest cities, according to NetworkWorld.

The HP Compaq nc6400 will also include built-in dual antennas and Cingular Communications Manager software to assist users in locating wireless networks and connecting to them, and it will feature wireless WAN, WLAN and Bluetooth connections, NetworkWorld reports.

The notebooks have 14.1-inch displays and feature Intel Core 2 Duo chips, and they’re slated for release in the United States in late December with a starting price tag of $1,599, according to NetworkWorld.

An international Cingular Broadband Connect service plan that covers more than 24 countries goes for $139 per month for 100MB of data, and it also includes unlimited access within the United States, NetworkWorld reports.

In related news, HP and Cingular in October announced the availability of the iPAQ hw6920 handheld, which features support for five different wireless technologies.

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