by CIO Staff

Three Levels of Gartner’s Project Based Budgeting Process

Nov 15, 20011 min
Business IT Alignment

The three levels of Gartner’s project-based budgeting process are defined by the cost and scope of the projects under consideration.

The DART (Dollars, Area of impact, Resources, Time) process is the first-level council for projects limited in scope to under $100,000 and affecting one business unit. Business unit leaders and their IS counterparts discuss the proposal merits and have the power to green-light them.

The TEB (Technology Enabled Business) Council evaluates projects of more than $100,000 in value that affect more than one business unit or require intensive use of resources. Representatives from approximately 15 business units, partners from IS, Gartner CIO Bart Stanco, and often up to 10 or 12 representatives from global business units meet twice a month.

The Capital Investment Council reviews projects valued at more than $500,000, or any other project at Stanco’s discretion. This tier of the council includes Stanco, CFO Regina Paolillo, a business development representative and a senior business unit representative from outside the United States.