by CIO Staff

IT in the 9/11 Aftermath: Introduction to Special Report

Nov 15, 20011 min
Disaster Recovery

We gaped at the television. We held our breath

Then, inevitably, the world began to turn again, revealing a landscape cruelly remade. H In our first story, we profile two CIOs coping with the aftershocks of the Sept. 11 attacks: Avi Duvdevani, who on Monday, Sept. 10, was starting his second week as New York City’s acting CIO, and Leslie Hunt, CIO at the American Red Cross of Greater New York, who as the week began was working on a CRM project. H In our second story, “Where Do We Go from Here?” (Page 77), we ask six experts how CIOs should begin to think about this new and unhappy world and how they can redefine their roles.