by Christopher Lindquist

Predictions: Wireless Developers Targeting Phones, PDAs

Nov 01, 20011 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Given the fact that there are more mobile phones than any other wireless device on the planet, it would be easy to assume that wireless application developers would be eagerly targeting the biggest market and excluding others. But a recent study by Santa Cruz, Calif.-based development research company Evans Data indicates that isn’t necessarily the case.

According to the “Wireless Developer Survey” (Vol. 2, Fall 2001), 58.6 percent of respondents said they were developing applications for phones, while a nearly equally number?57.4 percent?indicated that they were developing programs for wireless PDAs. Other platforms drew considerably less interest, with only 37.8 percent developing applications for laptops and 15.8 percent working on pager-based products. The company notes that while mobile phones are nearly ubiquitous, PDAs generally have more memory, screen space and other features that developers find appealing.

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