by Christopher Lindquist

NeoCore – Companies to Watch

Oct 01, 20011 min
Data Center

XML’s adherents use many glowing adjectives to describe their favorite acronym, but fast isn’t usually one of them. Now a small company in Colorado Springs, Colo., hopes to make speed and XML synonymous.

NeoCore’s XML Management System (XMS) provides a high-performance repository for corporate XML data (be it native or converted by various translation tools), allowing businesses to access their information in one location, rather than querying multiple applications.

It may sound like middleware, but such products can suffer from performance problems. NeoCore accelerates the process with a technology called Digital Pattern Processing (DPP). Rather than doing sequential searches?a process that results in rapidly increasing search times as databases expand?DPP converts data into “icons” that describe the content in the database. XMS then compares icons?up to millions per second?to find a match.

“[NeoCore] brings to XML data serving one thing that was needed for XML data serving to reach its potential: performance,” says Dirk Coburn, research director for Java and XML at Framingham, Mass.-based research company IDC (a sister company to CIO’s publisher, CXO Media). “It can’t be overstated how important that is.”

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