by CIO Staff

The IT Manager’s Guide to Working With Non Profits

Oct 01, 20011 min
IT Leadership

Know the mission. If you really want to help, you need to know the nonprofit’s mission. Then determine which of your technologies or services best provides a means to achieving the organization’s goals.

Think like a shareholder. If your company invests in a nonprofit, make sure the organization meets its goals. “We expect them to accomplish what they set out to accomplish,” says Ryan Robinson, vice president of community relations for Compaq. “We want to make sure that its objectives are met as any shareholder of a company would.”

Be clear on the time commitment. If your company is donating equipment, plan to be involved with the nonprofit for the long haul.

Communicate your needs.There’s an ROI to do-gooding beyond warm and fuzzy feelings. As you determine your level of involvement in a project, communicate exactly what you want in return from the nonprofit. “It is important that an organization is very sensitive to PR needs and communication,” says Robinson. “Setting up clear expectations in the beginning is important.”