by CIO Staff

The SF Giant’s Website Before and After

Oct 01, 20011 min
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What’s Gone

Webcam: Although it has been reinstated, this popular feature that allowed fans to peek inside Pacific Bell Park and pan and zoom in and out as they pleased had been removed until midseason, for financial reasons.

Chat: An unmoderated chat room where fans could toast or roast their heroes. MLBAM removed chat rooms to save money.

What’s New

Video: Access to MLBAM’s Custom Cuts video, which allows users to search for video clips and produce their own highlight reels.

Fantasy games: Fans can create their own rotisserie league.

Statistics: While the Giants’ earlier site did have Giants’ player stats, they were much less comprehensive than those offered now. Users also have access to’s statistics database.

What’s Still the Same

Ticket functionality: The Giants double-play ticket window allows season ticket holders to resell their tickets to other fans.

Shopping functionality: There is a greater assortment of products, not just Giants gear.

Real-time scoring of games: Still a hit.