by Stewart L. Deck

Lessons Learned from 3 CIOs Who Survived the Dotcom Plunge

Oct 01, 20012 mins

In “You Can Go Home Again,” in the October 1 issue of CIO (see link here) we talked to five CIOs who had returned to traditional corporations after spending some time working at dotcoms. Our earlier story, ?Wheel of Misfortune?? (April 1, 2000 see link here), advised CIOs what to look for before leaping for the Internet gold rush. We checked back in with three other executives and found two are still with their dotcoms.

Bob Paquin

Job title, April 2000: CIO,, an online jewelry retailer

Job title, July 2001: CIO and COO at

Paquin, a former IT executive with L.L. Bean, says that will be profitable by the fourth quarter of this year.

?We haven?t spent our energies on expanding our sales categories or being a one-stop shopping experience. Instead, we?ve focused on what we do well?diamonds and a small selection of related jewelry. [You can?t] try to be everything to everyone,? he says.

Debra Domeyer

Job title, April 2000: CIO,

Job title, July 2001: CTO,

Domeyer oversaw the privately held website redesign and overhaul in April 2001. CarsDirect is’s exclusive automotive partner (and has seen some of its online competition die).

?I?m challenged by the visibility of what I do,? says Domeyer, former CIO for Pacific Gas and Electric Energy Services. ?Anything we change is right there for everyone to see.?

John Cross

Job title, April 2000: Board director and executive VP of strategy, AppNet

Job title, July 2001: Currently on retainer with Commerce One.

AppNet was acquired by Commerce One in September 2000. Cross stayed with the company for six more months and is now consulting for them.

?I have been keen to use this year as a taking stock time and taking some long-forgotten vacations,? says Cross, the former CIO at BP Amoco. At press time, he was considering a board seat at a British logistics company, and working with European venture fund investors.