by Stewart Deck

HP, Student Advantage and Tipper Tie on CRM Success

Sep 15, 20011 min
CRM Systems

Get buy-in from customers

Sometimes customers may initially find a new way of interacting with a new system too different or uncomfortable. Help sell them on the idea by promoting how it will benefit them and increasing your responsiveness to their needs.

Listen to in-house users

Learn what information these system users need and what processes work particularly well right now.

Form a cross-departmental team

A cross-departmental team will provide a broad view about how a new system will affect different departments, and it will provide inside help in selling the idea to users and champions in different divisions.

Design for the big picture and start with pilots

Make sure the system will be able to scale, but start with smaller projects to show successes. Smaller successes will help build momentum.

Do due diligence on consultants

Call consultant references and make sure their skills and background match what you need. Make sure you learn from them everything you need to know about the applications.

Always keep an eye on ROI

There should be concrete, measurable benefits from a CRM system, including ROI. Make sure your plans include specific points for ROI.