by Stephanie Viscasillas Offers Free E-Mail Accounts

Sep 01, 20012 mins

OK, maybe not. But to create that illusion, you can borrow the king of rock and roll’s name by going to and signing up for a free personal e-mail account. is the official website of Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis, Tenn., a product of the Elvis Presley Trust, which is funded by the Presley family as well as money the legend left in his will.

The e-mail promotion celebrates the site’s name change from to the more recognizable The site links Elvis fans of every age from all over the world and promises up-to-the-minute updates on all things kingly. More than just a newsletter reporting that “Elvis is still dead,” it tells you all about places to hear, see or touch things connected with the king, such as Elvis Presley Ave. in Shreveport, La., or the new musical Jailhouse Rock, set to debut in September. According to Scott Williams, manager of marketing and communications at Elvis Presley Enterprises, 100 to 150 customers per day are signing up for personalized e-mail accounts. The total at press time was more than 30,000 people, and Williams promises all of America can have an Elvis e-mail. But the question remains…young Elvis or old Elvis?