by S. Kendall

2001 CIO 100 Awards — Methodology

Aug 15, 20011 min

First we opened up the nomination process so that companies could nominate themselves. We also set up a nomination procedure for CIO staff and our distinguished panel of experts assembled for this issue (see “The Experts”).

Through those channels, we amassed a base of approximately 1,000 companies to weigh and consider. We wanted a list that would represent innovation at both large and small companies, deep-pocketed corporations and nonprofit organizations, young companies and old ones, companies in a variety of industries, and companies whose initiatives or achievements represent the gamut of what is subsumed in the word innovation. Our special issue editorial team scoured applications and back-up materials, brought knowledge of their own, discussed and debated, and finally got the list to 100.

We wish to thank every company that participated in the process and cooperated with us on this project. We feel that we have identified an outstanding group of organizations, which in a variety of ways provide a model for executing creative ideas and turning them into true innovations.