by Meridith Levinson

E-Body Rejuvenator Offers High-Tech Hula Hoop to Help Shed Weight

Aug 01, 20011 min
Consumer Electronics

Looking to shed a few pounds? Forget the ThighMaster, HealthRider, Ab Roller and even Jack Freeweather’s eight-minute workout. The wackiest invention in personal fitness, the e-Body Rejuvenator, will help you lose the love handles and get in touch with your inner child at the same time.

Made in Taiwan by Toptell Technology International, the e-Body Rejuvenator is a high-tech hula hoop. While you swish your hips to keep the hoop aloft, a liquid crystal display tracks how many calories you burn, your speed and the number of reps you’ve done. It also contains a microprocessor that allows you to program your workout by entering your weight and girth. A voice recording cheers you on, updating you on the length of your workout and challenging you to beat your record. But it also jeers when you cut a workout short, so stay on your feet!

The e-Body Rejuvenator sells for around $50 at sporting goods stores and on television shopping networks. The adult-size hoop comes in light green, and the kids’ size comes in pink. For more information, visit