by CIO Staff

The State of the U.S. Workforce in 2001: Work Ethic or Workaholism?

Aug 01, 20011 min
IT Leadership

Ah, summer. Time for a nice family vacation, right? Ha! Not only do U.S. workers earn fewer vacation days than our counterparts across the industrialized world (we average 13 days annually; the Japanese get 25, and Italians 42), but a recent survey by Oxford Health Plans has found that nearly one in five of us don’t use up the few free days we have. Other findings:

34% of respondents said their jobs were so pressing that they had no downtime at work.

32% said they eat lunch at their desks.

32% don’t leave the building during the workday.

14% felt management promotes only people who usually work late.

Source: Oxford Health Plans/Central Marketing