by S. Berinato

Outsourcing: Security Choices You Need to Make

Aug 01, 20011 min

If you prefer:

Outsourcing to a security-only company.

Outsourcing to a general IT services company.

Doing security in-house.

If you go with managed security partners, are you comfortable if they:

Hire ?white-hat? hackers?

Create vulnerabilities in their lab?

Have contests to hack systems?

Run highly visible publicity campaigns? If your managed security partner detects a breach of security, do you want to:

Work with them to catch the intruders and prosecute?

Simply have your partner secure the network, not taking further action against intruders? If you go with in-house security, do you want to:

Do everything in-house?

Outsource the commodity hardware but keep the policy?

Outsource audits and assessments only?