by CIO Staff

Cylink Releases NetHawk VPN Client

Jul 01, 20013 mins

Scalable Security

Cylink has begun shipping its NetHawk 3.0 virtual private network client. The software allows remote desktop and notebook computers to securely communicate with each other as well as with corporate networks over the Internet and other TCP/IP connections. The new client also enables several other enhanced features, including improved network interoperability, better security and quality of service options. Administrators can manage multiple NetHawk clients and gateway servers from a single interface?the NetHawk Privacy Manager. The Privacy Manager also includes a certificate authority designed to speed deployment into small (less than 500 users) operations. Pricing begins at $3,500 and varies by connection speed and number of connections. For more information, visit or call 800 533-3958.

Middleware Master

PricewaterhouseCoopers’s spinoff UDICo has announced the availability of its XML-based middleware solution, TierBroker. The product runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows and several flavors of Unix, and provides connections among applications without significant custom coding. TierBroker Standard Edition ($5,000 per server domain) is intended to work as a desktop tool and can connect any ODBC-compatible applications. TierBroker Enterprise Edition ($30,000 per server domain) supports a larger variety of applications, including those from Oracle and Siebel. To download a demonstration version, visit For more information, call 212 607-7580.

Portal Player

Companies looking to provide quick access to internal corporate data have a new tool. InfoImage has announced the release of Decision Portal 4, a tool that allows knowledge workers to collect and analyze information from a variety of sources as well as letting them collaborate with other workers. Features include the capability to create ad hoc workspaces for new topics as well as to search for relevant information using a simplified point-and-click interface. The product is also designed to integrate with Microsoft’s Sharepoint Portal Server. Pricing begins at $60 per user for more than 10,000 seats. For more information, visit or call 800 489-9511.

Keeping an Eye Out

NetBotz has announced two new upgrades for its RackBotz Rack Appliance monitoring system. The first module, Amp Detector 1-15, lets administrators monitor power consumption of network devices. If power flow falls below or climbs above preset limits, the system can warn administrators via e-mail or pager. The External Temperature Sensor module can provide temperature data at any point inside or outside a rack enclosure. The upgrades cost $195 and $95 respectively. Pricing for the RackBotz 303 appliance starts at $995. For more information, visit or call 512 439-5800.

Content Booster

Chutney Technologies has announced the release of the Chutney PreLoader 3.0 dynamic content acceleration products. The company claims that the products can cut Web response times by 90 percent and increase maximum user load by as much as 10 times. A high availability version offers a “hot failover” feature that guarantees uninterrupted service, even if the PreLoader fails for any reason. The products work in both Java Server Page and Active Server Page environments. Licenses begin at $100,000. For more information, visit or call 866 248-8639.