by CIO Staff

Veratium Unveils Wireless Desktop

Jun 15, 2001 3 mins
Enterprise Applications

Motivating Force

Canadian software maker Veratium has introduced a tool designed to provide secure access to a user’s desktop files from nearly any mobile device. The Motivus Wireless Desktop provides a view of Windows Desktop documents and folders from which users can open and view important files. The Motivus Wireless Inbox provides similar access to office e-mail, and allows users to open, read, forward and create new messages. Pricing begins at $1,999 per year for 10 users. For more information, visit or call 604 730-0900. A product demo and 30-day evaluation version of the software is available on the website.

Portal Power

Sybase has shipped version 2.0 of its Enterprise Portal, which allows customers to create personalized Web-based information portals for use by both internal users and external users, such as trading partners. The product allows for integration with back-end information systems, including B2B systems and mainframes, and it supports mobile and wireless devices. Portal services include currency conversion and language translation. Pricing is based on server processor speed and begins at $150 per megahertz for enterprise systems. Integration, mobile support and other services are priced separately. For more information, visit or call 510 922-3500.

Files on the Run

If you have employees who need to access files while on the road, Xythos Software may have an answer. The company’s WebFile Server 3.0 allows corporations to create secure file storage areas that users can access via Web- connected devices. The package offers a variety of features, including a search tool, bandwidth control, directory quotas, security features and more. Unlike some browser-based services, Xythos products let users open and save files directly to the Xythos remote directories. It also supports drag-and-drop file management with Windows Explorer. Pricing begins at $30,000 per CPU server plus an annual maintenance contract. For more information, visit

Super Server

Persistence Software has announced the latest version of its PowerTier application server. Version 6.5 for J2EE offers automatic load balancing and fail over across clustered servers, providing high availability for business-critical applications. The server supports a range of operating systems, including Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX 11, IBM AIX and Linux. Pricing starts at $25,000. For more information, visit or call 800 803-8491.

Safe Commerce

RocketBridge has announced the availability of its Jupiter suite of e-commerce authentication and verification tools and services. The suite includes five modules: authentication, customer review, digital certificate, digital electronic signature and an electronic notary. All tools are intended to help prevent fraud and identify theft, providing extra piece of mind for both buyers and sellers. The products can work with both B2B and B2C e-commerce operations. Pricing varies by transaction volume and complexity. For more information, visit

Pictures with Ease

Video hardware maker Vantum has announced the release of a line of network-ready video cameras, the Vantum Video Appliances. Designed for a variety of tasks, from teleconferencing to security, the cameras contain all the components necessary to capture, compress and stream high-quality video over existing Ethernet networks. Users can control the cameras through a Web browser interface and can program camera actions using JavaScript. Certain models also include built-in hard drives to provide local image storage. Vantum also sells appliances that can connect to existing analog video cameras. Pricing for the appliances ranges from $1,295 to $1,995. For more information, visit or call 866 482-6886.