by CIO Staff

Outpost’s Dotcom Time Line

Jun 01, 20012 mins
BPM Systems

1995: Cyberian Outpost founded by Darryl Peck as an online storefront for Macintosh products

1996: Offers PC software and peripherals


July: Outpost joins the frenzy of Internet IPOs, going out at $18 a share and raising $72 million.

November: Stock price reaches its zenith of $39.50 a share

December: Launches website with personalization features built on BroadVision packaged e-commerce application


August: Marks first attempt to expand B2C business with new e-Business Services venture, in which it designs, maintains and manages Web commerce sites for brick-and-mortar retailers; inks first deal with Tweeter Home Entertainment Group

September: Peck steps down as day-to-day operations chief to focus on strategy. Bob Bowman, formerly president and COO of ITT, is appointed Outpost president and CEO

November: Inks deal with Brookstone to host its Web storefront for the holiday season


January: Stock price settles in the $10 to $12 a share range

April: New CTO Raymond Karrenbaurer drives effort to rewrite Outpost’s e-commerce engine in Java, so it will be easier to sell to other retailers

May: Extends agreement for two years to manage Brookstone’s online store; signs similar deal with Wolf Camera, a leading photography retailer

November: Bowman departs. Kate Vick, a three-year company veteran, is named president. ranks number 45 on Deloitte & Touche’s Fast 500 list of fastest growing companies in North America.


January: Vick named CEO, keeps president title

April: Outpost releases quarterly and fiscal-year-end earnings; revenues rise 58 percent for quarter and 86 percent for year, but company posts $30 million loss for year; stock hits all-time low (19 cents); Vick resigns; Peck returns; staff cut by 110 workers (30 percent)

May 30: PC Connection Inc. a direct marketer of computer equipment to small and medium-sized companies, agrees to buy Outpost in a stock swap deal.