by CIO Staff

Rockliffe Aims to Lead the Way on Web Mail

Jun 01, 20014 mins
Enterprise Applications

Mail Anywhere

Companies looking to provide e-mail access to their employees anytime, anywhere may want to take a look at MochaMail from Rockliffe. Unlike most Web-accessed mail services, MochaMail looks and behaves like a traditional mail application?with buttons, folders, spellcheck, drafts, signatures and file lists similar to features in products such as Outlook and Eudora. Unlike those products, however, MochaMail lets users access their mailbox from any Internet-connected Web browser with Java support. The product is compatible with most server platforms, including Windows NT 2000, Solaris and Linux, and can be integrated with many existing mail servers. Pricing begins at $995. For more information, visit or call 408 554-0766.

Get the Picture

As photographs and other images become more important to the Web, managing them gets more difficult?especially when they involve creating different versions of the same images for various devices (cell phones, PCs, PDAs and such). Now PictureIQ, a maker of dedicated image server appliances, has released TransForce, an appliance that can automatically resize, reformat and compress images to work on nearly any viewer. Users prepare the source image, then based on a set of rules created by the user, TransForce delivers images optimized for different viewing platforms. This way, TransForce is able to dynamically create and cache properly formatted images without user intervention. Pricing begins at $39,950. For more information, visit or call 206 628-5222.

Copy That

Sending digital images of paper documents can become simpler with eCopy. By combining the eCopy software suite with a supported digital copy machine, users can quickly create, file and e-mail paper documents electronically. Users simply copy the document as they normally would, but instead of making another paper copy, they select a different option?such as sending to their desktop, network fax or e-mail?from the system’s touch screen. A free eCopy file viewer lets recipients view and print the documents they receive. New features in version 6.0 include tight integration with United Parcel Service’s Document Exchange secure file transfer service and better compatibility with Lotus Notes and Domino. The product works only with select Canon digital and Oce copiers. The suggested retail price for the scan station and 20-user license is $7,000. For more information, visit or call 603 881-4450.

Safety Net

3Com and Secure Computing have partnered to create the 3Com EtherLink 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card with 3XP Processor, a network security feature?basically a firewall?built directly into 3Com’s 10/100 PCI NIC with 3XP processor Ethernet cards. Administrators can configure the cards remotely through a policy server to allow only certain kinds of traffic and to restrict access to other systems. For instance, they can block a computer in the sales department from accessing an engineering database and prevent hacker attacks from inside the company. Supported cards are available now, and the firewall software is slated to ship by the third quarter of this year. A starter kit consisting of one policy server plus hardware and software for 10 desktop systems will list for $2,114. For more information, visit or call 800 638-3266.

Find Everything

IPhrase Technologies has released a suite of One Step tools designed to help corporations locate and manage their information. The suite consists of One Step Research for locating and analyzing internal data, One Step Support for providing quick self-service access to customer support documents and One Step Commerce for helping potential buyers retrieve the information they need to make purchasing decisions. Users can enter research requests in English without the need for confusing keywords or symbols. Pricing is based on an annual licensing plus implementation fee model and depends on modules used. For more information, visit or call 617 621-7844.