by Lafe Low

SportBrain Counts Your Calories

Jun 01, 20011 min
Enterprise Applications

It’s no secret that being a CIO is hard work. Now you can get a detailed readout on just how many calories you’re burning throughout the day as you establish e-commerce initiatives, monitor ERP and wander about the wireless world. With a SportBrain attached to your hip, you’ll get an ongoing report of how many steps you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned. Attach it to the SportPort transmitter when you get back to your desk and log on to the SportBrain website ( to examine and record your results.

The SportBrain itself is a small, circular device that looks somewhat like a pager. You wear it clipped to your waist (as flat against your hips as possible), and SportBrain registers and records your movements with every step, leap or bound. The basic setup?which includes a SportBrain tracker (the device you wear), the SportPort transmitter and a platinum faceplate for the tracker?sells for $99.99.