by T. Mayor

Statistics on Desktop Systems

Jun 01, 20011 min
Data Center

Which best describes your predominant desktop system?

Windows OS/Intel or Intel clone PCs 95%

Macintosh 1%

Unix workstation 1%

Thin client/Network computer (NC)/NetPC (minimal or no hard drive, relies on network for applications, storage) 1%

Terminal 1%

Other 1%

Do you think your organization’s predominant desktop system will be replaced by other devices in the next 5 years?

Yes 24% No 76%

Will other devices replace the PC in the next 10 years?

Yes 55 % No 45%

Source: CIO conducted an online survey Feb. 15-28. Respondents were 184 subscribers?CIOs, vice presidents, and directors and managers of IT?invited by e-mail to participate.