by CIO Staff

IT Products: Kintana Unveils Technology Chain Automation

May 15, 20014 mins
Enterprise Applications

Cost Cutter

Software maker Kintana has announced the availability of Kintana Product Suite Release 3.1. The set of software tools is intended to provide “technology chain automation,” allowing IT departments to more quickly plan, build, deploy and support e-business applications. The product includes several modules, including Create (enterprise request process management), Drive (planning, tracking and execution), Deliver (deployment management), Accelerators (templates of best practices to enhance use of the other modules) and Contori (online information exchange and knowledge base). Pricing begins at $5,000 for a power user license and $1,250 for a standard user license. For more information, visit or call 877 546-8262.

Disk Saver

Raxco Software recently released version 4.0 of its PerfectDisk 2000 workstation and network disk defragmentation product. PerfectDisk 2000 identifies usage patterns and attempts to reorganize disks in a manner that maximizes performance. In addition, version 4.0 now lets users choose from different data organization options, allowing them to fine-tune a disk to certain applications. The software now requires only 5 percent of a disk to be free in order to perform a defragmentation. The product includes a Quick-Scan feature to quickly identify which disks need attention, a tool for recapturing disk space from Microsoft Exchange and the capability to automatically schedule networkwide system shutdowns for unattended boot-time defragmentation. The product lists for $44 per workstation or $219 per server. For more information, visit or call 800 546-9728.

Change of Address

In a perfect world, all employees would use their work e-mail addresses for all business-related communication. In the real world, however, new employees come on board with their own e-mail addresses, and current employees often maintain more than one mail service for both business and personal correspondence. Now offers a service that sends automated change-of-address announcements, allowing customers to consolidate their e-mail usage to a single account. Re-Route servers forward any mail sent to an older address to the new address and send a change of address notification to the original sender. The service works with most ISPs, including America Online. The first month of Re-Route service is free; three additional months cost $25. For more information, visit

Palm Makeover

Software maker Aladdin Systems has announced the release of GoBar 2.5, a customizable user interface for Palm OS devices. GoBar provides drag-and-drop file organization, customizable color and grayscale combinations (on Palm OS 3.5 and higher), a drag-and-drop tool for beaming data to other users, a drag-and-drop trash can, a battery charging status display, 3-D icons, an available memory display and other features. The product is compatible with PDAs running Palm OS 2.0 and higher, and it has an estimated street price of $14.95. For more information, visit

Tape Raider

Secondary storage manufacturer MaxOptix has announced the availability of the first in its new line of RAID tape storage solutions. StreamIT is designed to provide the reliability and performance necessary for serverless backup applications. The StreamIT includes a fault-tolerant chassis, a PowerStream RAID controller and Sony AIT-2 drives. It can transfer data at rates up to 130GB per hour and offers up to 400GB of storage. The StreamIT supports both RAID Level 1 (mirrored data) and RAID Level 3 (data striped across five drives). The product is available in rack-mount configurations with either Ultra-2 SCSI or Fibre Channel connections. Pricing starts at $29,995. For more information, visit or call 800 848-3092.

Easy Enough for Management

Fatwire has announced the release of UpdateEngine 5.1, the latest version of its dynamic website content management tool. The product is designed to allow for rapid development of e-business websites, while providing tools to quickly change and maintain the site after its creation. The Java-based product works like many content management systems by separating content from page design, allowing for speedy sitewide content updates. The product also provides administrative tools simple enough for nontechnical users. Pricing begins at $110,000. For more information, visit or call 516 328-9473 ext. 122.