by CIO Staff

There’s No Such Thing as a Secure Environment

Mar 01, 20011 min
IT Strategy

That’s the sad truth about security at many companies. The firewalls, passwords and VPNs may look formidable, but determined bad guys can often pick the locks and sneak right past the guard dogs at the gate. You know you can never be 100 percent secure, but you should take as many steps as possible to protect your digital assets. n Trouble is, the pieces of the security puzzle are constantly moving, multiplying and changing shape. How are you going to put them all together? You know your business model inside and out, so you’re the best one to answer that question?and you can bet it’s going to be more involved than simply hiding behind a firewall. n This special section on information security will tell you how to evaluate and mitigate your company’s security risk. First, read a profile of Cardinal Health’s integrated security SWAT team. Then probe the limits of security “seals of approval.” Discover what a former hacker says we really need to fear. And watch how investigators conduct digital autopsies to solve computer crimes. Now, lock the door, draw the shades and read.