by CIO Staff

The Function of the Project Management Office (PMO)

Jul 01, 20031 min
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Generate Concept

¿ Prioritize project in terms of an organization’s overall governance, project portfolio processes

¿ Assist project leaders with business case development

¿ Ensure the project links to a company’s strategic goals

Plan Resources

¿ Add project to the project management or portfolio system

¿ Assign staff and resources to the project

¿ Lay out governance standards, including repeatable project processes, training and metrics

Launch Project

¿ Provide coaching and mentoring to project managers

¿ Begin to facilitate ongoing project planning sessions

¿ Ensure proper tracking of project data and milestones

Provide Ongoing Project Management

¿ Ensure regular project status reports are available to decision-makers

¿ Coordinate communications across business units

¿ Conduct regular quality assurance reviews

Complete Project

¿ Lead post-implementation reviews

¿ Capture and record lessons learned

¿ Ensure that project data and project team evaluations are recorded and distributed to decision-makers

Source: Bill Stewart of the Project Management Leadership Group