by CIO Staff

Wireless Communications Policy

Oct 15, 20031 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Q: As our organization has grown, our number of cell phones has grown sixfold, and our usage is skyrocketing. Now the CEO wants BlackBerry devices. Before we move ahead, I feel the organization needs a wireless communications policy to govern the use of these and future devices. Does anyone have insight on this subject?

-VP and CIO of an assisted living facility

A: We insist that all metered wireless devices are purchased and administered by IT but paid for by the requesting cost-center owner. IT sets standards, negotiates rates and ensures folks are on the right plans. (We even provide guidelines for use.) But the business pays for the cost of the devices and the monthly fees. We have a device-request process that includes cost-center owner approval of any request. This approach allows us to manage the contracts and standards but puts the onus on the business to manage proliferation by making them accountable for managing cost.

-Robert Urwiler, VP and CIO of Macromedia