by CIO Staff

A Project Scorecard

Jun 01, 20031 min
IT Leadership

This is the budgeting request that received the highest score for FY04. The Electronic Tax Administration filled out the necessary Return on Investment Program Funding Application, and it was scored and ranked by an information technology council, a group that includes the Iowa CIO, the CIOs from major state agencies, representatives from the state judicial and legislative branches, and private citizens.

Electronic Tax Administration

FY04 request: $521,000

criteria pts.
Statutory requirement 11.8
Improves customer service 13.5
Impacts citizens 9.4
Reengineers government processes 9.0
Project participants 7.1
Risk 9.3
Experience and past performance 4.7
Funding requirements 8.6
Additional funding sources 4.9
Financial ROI 9.8
Total 88.1