by CIO Staff

10 Criteria to Determine Project Value

Jun 01, 20031 min
IT Leadership

Iowa scores proposed projects based on 10 criteria used to determine value. The highest scoring projects get priority for funding. Below is an explanation of the criteria, the maximum points each one can receive and examples of how the top-ranked project proposed for funding next year was scored.

Criteria And Point System

Statutory requirement (15 points total): Project is required by law or regulation, or it is needed to comply with state IT standards. No points unless the project fulfills a mandate.

Improves customer service (15 points): The bigger the improvement, the more points.

Impacts citizens (10 points): More points for greater impact.

Reengineers government processes (10 points): The most points for “significant” use of IT to revamp business processes.

Project participants (10 points): The most points for projects needed by every state agency.

Risk (10 points): More points for projects with low technical and business risk and high chance of success.

Experience and past performance (5 points): More points to agencies that are better at achieving project objectives.

Funding requirements (10 points): More points to projects at advanced stages of implementation.

Additional funding sources (5 points): More points to projects for which agencies will share costs with the IT department.

Financial ROI (10 points): The higher the ROI, the more points.