by CIO Staff

Tips for More Effective Communication

Sep 15, 20031 min

Assign resources. Responsibility for marketing IT and communicating value has to be someone’s job (or at least part of it). Commit both personnel and financial resources.

Create a customer value map. Who are your customers? What do they value? How do they measure IT success?

Establish a catalog of products and services. Make it clear what you do for the business and external partners.

Write a mission statement. Express what you are doing, what you value and how you are aligned with the business.

Prepare quarterly business reviews. Evaluate each product and service area in terms of their internal performances.

Create an integrated Balanced Scorecard. Use metrics to demonstrate IT’s value internally.

Establish a communication continuum. From daily customer briefings to internal and external newsletters, town hall meetings, and value-focused quarterly and annual reviews.

Source: Meta Group and Creative IT Marketing