by Meridith Levinson

IT Initiatives: 5 Tips for Tough Times

Jun 01, 20031 min
IT Leadership

The state CIOs interviewed for this story use the following methods to evaluate whether an IT initiative should receive funding. Some of them are tried-and-true, others are more novel. You too can add these criteria to your decision-making toolkit for when it comes time to make the tough call.

Establish a cross-functional team of representatives from different departments, business units or agencies in your organization to help you prioritize.

Evaluate and consider the value of the project to end users or customers.

Determine whether you can leverage your investment in a technology that you’re deliberating funding by scaling it to a larger group of users.

Figure out if there are ways you can further reduce the maintenance and support costs for a technology that might otherwise get the ax.

Identify which of your most important IT projects and initiatives align or diverge with your CEO’s strategic plans or governor’s policy goals. Keep the ones that are in alignment. Sideline the ones that aren’t.