by CIO Staff

CIOs Need to Work On Professional Development

Sep 15, 20031 min

400 IT professionals below the CIO level responded to our online survey in May 2003, which asked visitors to and members of TopCoder, a programmer’s website, to critique their CIOs. The staffers say CIOs have a lot of professional development to do.


…promotes staff training 53% Disagree

…fosters a team environment/atmosphere 52% Disagree

…effectively communicates changes within IT 45% Disagree

…sets a good example 49% Disagree

…is a positive influence in my department 50% Disagree

…uses praise and constructive feedback to motivate 51% Disagree

…has a good understanding of IT project requirements in terms of staffing and resources 46% Disagree

…delegates effectively and provides the necessary guidance and follow-up when delegating 50% Disagree

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