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Patch Management Tools Directory

Aug 01, 20031 min
IT Strategy

Anticipated benefits Reduced downtime because of software failures; mitigated risk of attack from hackers; and lower costs than manually applying patches.

Hurdle No one-size-fits-all patch management tool available yet, which requires customers to purchase more than one product to cover all systems and software.

Cost Varies by application and environment; $8.50 to $100 per workstation per year and $20 to $2,500 per server per year, depending on product and configuration.


BigFix www.bigfix.comBigFix Patch Manager 3.0


www.configuresoft.comECM Security Update Manager

Ecora www.ecora.comEcora Patch Manager

LANDesk Group www.landesk.comLANDesk Management Suite

Kintana www.kintana.comKintana Change Manager

Microsoft Software Update Services

Novadigm Radia Patch Manager

On Technology www.on.comOn iCommand

PatchLink PatchLink Update

Shavlik Technologies


St. Bernard Software