CIO Magazine: October Issue

Big Data Analytics Gets Smarter With Location-based Services

Mapping intelligence isn't just for retailers anymore. Advanced analytics uses location data to reveal new insights about customers and strategy.

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The "location, location, location" slogan takes on fresh meaning when Jones Lang LaSalle, a $4 billion global real estate firm, applies big-data analytics to it. For every pair of coordinates on a digital map, there are data sets to explore, including basic economic trends and questions related to business operations.

Where should a multinational build a research center to attract and keep engineers in India? What is the risk of soil deteriorating if there's an earthquake near a client's data center in the Pacific Northwest? How should a global bank revise its ATM network in Singapore to boost performance?

Jones Lang LaSalle finds answers in its cloud-based mapping services hub, called MapIT. Launched this year, the system centralizes the formerly disconnected activities of 5,700 global users of disparate mapping tools, says Wayne Gearey, location intelligence officer.

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