by CIO Staff

Transition Tips – Eight Ways to Prep for a Job Hunt

Mar 01, 20031 min

Even if you’re not planning on going into the job market, be prepared for it, says Beverly Lieberman, president of IT recruiting firm Halbrecht Lieberman Associates in Stamford, Conn. Otherwise you could find a comeback very hard. Her tips:

1. Develop a strong network of friends and colleagues who can give you employment leads and ideas. Get the names of the top five recruiters they’ve worked with.

2. Plan to spend eight to 10 hours a day networking. Legitimate opportunities will take three times as long to locate as they did two years ago.

3. Join a professional association and get involved. They’re great for networking.

4. Find a way to present a white paper at a university or a conference. It may help separate you from the pack.

5. Spend the time and money to get a top-notch rŽsumŽ together.

6. Contact an outplacement service for advice.

7. Hire a professional coach to help you take stock of your psychological and physical health. Make a get-well plan. Get in shape.

8. Make absolutely sure your finances are sound.