by Christopher Lindquist

Level 8 Releases Cicero 5.1

Feb 01, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

It’s the Holy Grail of I.T.: fast, easy, low-cost application integration. Now Cary, N.C.-based Level 8 Systems continues the quest with the release of Cicero 5.1, the company’s application integration platform.

Targeted at companies with large contact centers and a need to integrate disparate applications under one interface, Cicero 5.1 works in conjunction with Cicero Studio, a wizard-based tool designed to quickly integrate both new and legacy applications across an enterprise. The product supports Microsoft’s .Net architecture, XML and Web services, and it can reportedly help IT departments achieve scalable, fast, comprehensive integration on a variety of platforms, including Linux, Unix and Windows.

According to Level 8, the product can combine applications under one “composite user interface,” providing users with easy, consolidated access to multiple applications, regardless of where those applications reside. The result is lower training costs and reduced training time.

Pricing begins at $1,095 plus $59,500 for the required Cicero Development Framework software, which includes five developer licenses, the configuration tools and a corporate connector kit. For more information, visit