by CIO Staff

Top Eight Risks to Celanese’s OneSAP Project

Jan 15, 20031 min
ERP Systems

Risk: Cultural change will be too much for employees to handle.

Mitigation: Worker training is part of the project, as are regular updates about OneSAP.

Risk: Merger activity makes OneSAP more complex.

Mitigation: A company’s fit with OneSAP is part of Celanese’s acquisition criteria.

Risk: Checks and balances for the project fail to reveal problems.

Mitigation: Daily meetings for team leaders and business process owners stress communication.

Risk: Burnout of project team members.

Mitigation: Two-week vacation assigned to everyone in December.

Risk: Conflicting priorities between OneSAP team and business leaders.

Mitigation: CIO acts as communication bridge between project team and board of directors.

Risk: Ability to clean and integrate data so that applications are reliable.

Mitigation: Systems integration experts assigned to each piece of OneSAP project.

Risk: Combination of merging old features while introducing new SAP features, such as supply chain event manager, could overwhelm the OneSAP rollup.

Mitigation: Employee training to help workers adjust; continued meetings to update project status and progress.

Risk: Not meeting specific project benefits metrics.

Mitigation: Project management discipline.