by Christopher Lindquist

Cool Product : Palm’s Next PDA

Dec 01, 20022 mins
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Palm recently unveiled the latest in its line of PDAs.

Both the Tungsten T and Tungsten W feature 16MB of RAM and a new 320-by-320 pixel color display with new fonts to enhance readability, but the similarities end there.

The Tungsten T targets power PDA users. It offers a new high-power processor as well as the enhanced PalmOS 5.0. The product also features a new sliding case that closes to a compact 4-by-3-by-6-inch package when in “data retrieval” mode, but which opens nearly another inch to reveal text and numeral handwriting entry areas.

The T offers a redesigned control pad, which allows for one-handed operation. Users can also hit a single button to record voice memos.

To help eliminate wires, the Tungsten T includes built-in Bluetooth wireless support, allowing the PDA to connect to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and other peripherals.

The Tungsten W, meanwhile, is a PDA that works on global system for mobile communication/general packet radio service (GSM/GPRS) cell phone networks. It features a small BlackBerry-like keyboard for entering text and a headset for hands-free voice communication.

Suggested retail pricing for the T model is $499 and $549 (without activation) for the W. For more information, visit