by Tom Wailgum

Six Gifts for the CIO Who Has Everything

Dec 01, 20023 mins
Consumer Electronics

Smoke Saver

If you’re a true cigar lover, you need a traveling humidor to safely transport your smokes. Humidipak’s Model 1150 humidor is the perfect size humidor for home and travel use. It comes with a two-way humidification system that responds to outside humidity fluctuations, keeping the oils and flavors in your fine cigars fresh. It holds 15 cigars up to eight inches long in three trays. The Model 1150 comes in four colors, and sells for $59.95. You’ll find it (along with other shapes and sizes of humidors and cigar-lover paraphernalia) at

All in One Phone

About the only thing the Nokia 9290 Communicator won’t do is microwave popcorn. This digital wireless phone allows the user to view documents and spreadsheets and does quintuple duty: as a PC with a qwerty keyboard; a PDA to help you manage your appointments and contact lists; an e-mail program, giving you access to send and receive e-mail with attachments; an Internet conduit with wireless access to the Web; and a multimedia player so that you can view video and digital images and listen to music. This technological jack-of-all-trades sells for $599. See

We Won’t Get Lost Again

If you’re still hesitant to ask for directions?and who isn’t??be sure to ask for a Magellan SporTrak GPS receiver this year. Whether you’re driving, hiking or boating, the SporTrak can tell you your location (within three meters) using data from as many as 12 different GPS satellites. It’s lightweight, rugged and waterproof, and it retails for $170. To locate one for yourself, check out

Plasma Infusion

Plasma TVs are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. Samsung’s 42-inch, enhanced-definition digital plasma flat-screen TV has a 16:9 aspect ratio for crisp colors and flicker-free images. It’s also just 4 inches deep and weighs a little more than 70 pounds?perfect for picturelike wall-mounting (if you can hide those DVD and VCR cords). Cost: $5,000. See for more information.

Golfer’s Pilgrimage

What golfing purist wouldn’t enjoy a luxurious return to the isle where the game was born? Answer: None. On this seven-day, six-night excursion to Scotland, discriminating golfers will play five rounds of golf on five legendary courses?from Turnberry Ailsa Course and Prestwick Old Course to Gleneagles King’s and finally on to St. Andrew’s New and Old Courses. All rounds conclude with a 30-minute massage?perfect for soothing tired muscles after braving the windswept courses and championship layouts. The world-class lodging ranges from oceanfront at the Turnberry Hotel to The Old Course Hotel, perched along the 17th fairway. A special package lets nongolfing companions soak up Scottish hospitality, sight-seeing and spa treatments. The cost of the trip (based on two couples traveling together) is $6,345 per person. For more information on this and other packages offered by Golf International, call 800 833-1389 or visit

Music on the Move

PC users rejoice?you don’t need a Macintosh to download, store and play music with Apple’s popular iPod MP3 player. The iPod is now fully integrated with the MusicMatch Jukebox Plus media player for the PC. The iPod comes in 5GB, 10GB and 20GB models and holds up to 400 CDs’ worth of content. FireWire technology lets you download an entire CD in 15 seconds. You can also download and listen to audiobooks from The 5GB iPod starts at $299. For more info on iPod specs and prices, Mac and PC users can visit