by Ben Worthen

5 Quick Tips for Making Wireless Work for You

Dec 01, 20021 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Make sure you fit the profile

To date, only companies with a large or mission-critical mobile workforce, or remote manufacturing concerns, have derived a consistent ROI from wireless apps. Niche markets, such as universities and hospitals, have also had success.

Ask yourself, Do I really need it?

Simply having a mobile workforce doesn’t guarantee an ROI. Real-time information access has to dramatically help your business.

Know what you want to achieve

CIOs who are clear about the metrics they are trying to improve are in a position to quantify a project’s success.

Talk to your users

Equipping workers with wireless devices and providing access to information isn’t enough. The devices and the data exchange must be tested and tailored to fit their needs.

Remember: Less may be more

Successful wireless projects don’t necessarily need every bell and each whistle. For example, don’t spend a ton to integrate always-connected devices with real-time data exchange when daily syncs will do.