by Christopher Lindquist

Cool Product: Securikey, Token of Ownership

Nov 01, 20021 min
IT Strategy

Keeping privileged information on corporate laptops away from prying eyes may have just gotten easier.

Griffin Technologies of Lawrence, Kan., has released version 1.2 of its Universal Serial Bus-based authentication product, SecuriKey. The product requires users to insert a small SecuriKey token into a PC’s USB slot and then type a password to gain access to the system.

The latest version adds a number of features designed to increase flexibility and manageability for IT administrators. The system supports multiple log-on profiles, allowing different access privileges depending on what key and password the user enters. Administrators can also set up a Token Not Required account that allows password-only access.

SecuriKey 1.2 also includes new automation features that speed the assignment of tokens to new profiles without manually entering the user code. The product includes new token removal features, allowing users to shut down their computer simply by removing the token.

Pricing begins at $800 for a five-user package. For more information, visit