by Christopher Lindquist

Software for Managing Multiscreen Video Display Systems

Sep 01, 20021 min
Enterprise Applications

While not necessarily a must-have for every corporation, multiscreen video display systems do have their place both for videoconferencing and more esoteric pursuits, such as information walls (think the trading floor of the Nasdaq stock exchange, large-scale network monitoring centers or the military).

To enable such video operations, Imtech offers the Activu control system, a software suite that can securely connect multiple display devices across a network or in the same room. The software can “mirror” the same video data across multiple displays?from desktop systems to enormous video walls, letting large numbers of users view and interact with identical information simultaneously. Unlike proprietary systems, the Activu software runs on standard servers over a company’s existing network, reducing overall implementation costs.

Imtech already touts clients such as American Airlines, Cigna, Goldman-Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin and others. The company says pricing begins at approximately $200,000 for complete data wall implementations including hardware and software.

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