by CIO Staff

CRM Technology in Minority Report movie

Sep 01, 20021 min
CRM Systems

You’re STRIDING through a shopping mall concourse. You pass signs advertising soft drinks, beer. You hear a baritone voice. “John Anderton, you look like you could use a Guinness!”

That’s just one way makers of the movie Minority Report use eye-scan recognition systems and CRM to cast the science fiction future of 2054 as a place where you can’t hide from personalized sales pitches. It’s that kind of assault that prompts Tom Cruise to seek an eye transplant to help his character, Anderton, outwit his pursuers.

So there is Anderton rushing into The Gap, when an interactive screen greets him. “Hello, Mr. Yakamoto! How did you like those tops you bought last time?” Lesson: CRM projects will never be easy.