by Christopher Lindquist

Product Review: Samsung’s SPH-a500 Mobile Phone

Aug 15, 20021 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Samsung has announced the release of its latest mobile phone, the SPH-a500, which combines a color screen with the potential for high-speed data access on third-generation wireless networks.

The clamshell-like a500 takes advantage of thin-film transistor screen technology similar to that used in desktop LCD monitors, providing a brighter picture and more colors than typical cell phones. The 10-line display offers sufficient room for Web surfing via the included next-generation Web browser, as well as for viewing text messages. Keypad-based typing tools (using Tegic Communication’s T9 “predictive text input” feature) make it easier to enter simple messages using the phone’s standard number keys, or users can purchase an optional keyboard for more intensive typing.

The phone also offers an airplane mode feature, which lets users turn off the communications portion of the phone’s electronics while still allowing access to the included personal organizer. A built-in GPS will also let users connect to location-based offerings, such as driving directions and traffic updates, once those services become available.

The a500 will list for approximately $279. For more information, visit