by CIO Staff

The 2002 CIO 100 Honorees

Aug 15, 200220 mins
IT Leadership

Ace Hardware Corp. Pg. 82

Hardware, lawn and garden retailer

Oak Brook, Ill.

Integrated franchised retail stores with customer loyalty and service program

Paul Ingevaldson, Senior VP of IT

Jay Heubner, Director of Application Development

Frank Murphy, Manager of Retail Technology Products

FY01 revenue: $2.9B

Employees: 5,093 Inc. Pg. 56

Online retailer


Effective gathering and use of customer data

Richard L. Dalzell, CIO and Senior VP of Worldwide Architecture and Platform Software

FY01 revenue: $3.1B

Employees: 7,800

American Airlines Inc.

Commercial airline

Fort Worth, Texas

Collaborative effort to integrate TWA systems and improve customer service, financial tracking and project management technologies

Monte Ford, Senior VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $19B

Employees: 118,400

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Health care

Little Rock, Ark.

Internal and external facing systems provide greater access to information

Joseph S. Smith, VP of Private Programs and CIO

Robert Heard, VP of Infrastructure Management

FY01 revenue: $910M

Employees: 2,200

Autobytel Inc.

Online automotive marketing company

Irvine, Calif.

Extensive sharing of data between manufacturers, dealers and customers

Jeffrey Schwartz, President and CEO

Gary Leek, VP and CTO

FY01 revenue: $71M

Employees: 261 LLC

Online classifieds


Extracts vehicle listings and images from many sources; installed online auction listing management tools

Brad Mohs, Senior VP and CTO

Stan Green, VP of Business Solutions

Greg Easterly, General Manager of Auctions

FY02 revenue: $110M

Employees: 500

Barton Malow Co.

Architecture and construction management

Southfield, Mich.

Internal users receive e-mail, voice mail and faxes in a single electronic inbox

Phil Go, CIO

Lori Howlett, Senior VP

FY01 revenue: $1.2B

Employees: 1,800

Best Buy Co. Inc.

Consumer electronics

Eden Prairie, Minn.

Integrated point-of-sale, online and inventory management systems

Marc D. Gordon, Executive VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $15.3B

Employees: 90,000

Boise Cascade Office Products Corp.

Office products

Itasca, Ill.

Web portal integrates knowledge needed for all customer contacts, including e-commerce, field and telephone sales, and customer service

Christopher Milliken, CEO

Gary Massel, VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $3.5B

Employees: 13,000

BP PLC Pgs. 40, 66

Oil and gas


Unified systems after several large-scale mergers

John Leggate, Group VP and CIO

Phiroz P. Darukhanavala, VP and CTO

FY01 revenue: $174.2B

Employees: 107,200

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co.

North American railroad

Fort Worth, Texas

Customized CRM tool; provided single data entry point to manage and prioritize work orders; placed all HR and employee data online

Gregory F. Fox, VP of Technology Services and CIO

Craig Hill, VP of Mechanical and Value Engineering

FY01 revenue: $9.2B

Employees: 40,000

Cabot Corp. Pg. 74



Established improvement team to unify and manage core business processes

Kennett Burnes, Chairman and CEO

Craig Bickel, VP and CIO

Peter Smith, Director of Business Process Improvement

FY01 revenue: $1.7B

Employees: 4,500

CalPERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement System)

Retirement benefits administrator

Sacramento, Calif.

Reduced CRM costs by deploying customer self-service systems; established connectivity for all enterprise systems

Jack Corrie, CIO

James H. Gomez, Deputy Executive Officer

Revenue: NA

Employees: 1,600

Cargill Inc. Pg. 56


Wayzata, Minn.

Invested in high-end integration tools to maintain profits in low-margin industry

Lloyd B. Taylor, Corporate VP of IT

FY01 revenue: $49.4B

Employees: 90,000

Carnival Cruise Lines

Cruise vacations


Implemented e-procurement and revenue management systems; extended CRM platform to better collect and manage customer data

Myles Cyr, VP and CIO

Dwayne Warner, Staff VP of Strategic Automation

FY01 revenue: $4.5B (Carnival Corp.)

Employees: 25,000

Cemex S.A. de C.V.

International cement company

Monterrey, Mexico

Maintains GPS-enabled fleet of delivery trucks to track shipments and instantly change delivery parameters

Jose Luis Luna, CIO

Antonio Villalobos, Business Solutions Director

Homero Resendez, Business Process Center Director

FY01 revenue: $6.9B

Employees: 25,000

The Charles Schwab Corp.

Securities brokerage

San Francisco

Effective integration of customer information from various channels

Geoff Penney, Executive VP and CIO

Dawn G. Lepore, Vice Chairman of Technology and Administration

FY01 revenue: $4.4B

Employees: 19,600

Cisco Systems Inc.

Networking manufacturer

San Jose, Calif.

Established supplier portal project to integrate and automate supply chain

Brad Boston, Senior VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $22.3B

Employees: 36,000

City of Houston

Municipal government


Consolidated emergency response call centers and telephony systems; installed scalable enterprise messaging system

J. Dennis Piper, CIO

FY01 revenue: $2.4B

Employees: 23,000

City of Phoenix

Municipal government


Built major IT infrastructure and integrated city functions without relying on outsourcing

Danny Murphy, CIO

FY02 revenue: $2.1B

Employees: 14,828

Colorado Department of Agriculture

State agency

Lakewood, Colo.

Integrated disparate means of collecting and analyzing information; developed framework for departmental systems

John Picanso, CIO

Don Ament, Commissioner of Agriculture

FY01 assets: $7.2M

Employees: 300

Continental Airlines Inc.

Commercial airline


Integrating and replacing existing accounting systems, consolidating hardware, and integrating more than 60 financial management systems

Janet Wejman, CIO

Dan Morales, Managing Director of Financial Systems

Bob Edwards, Staff VP of Technology

FY01 revenue: $8.9B

Employees: 48,000

Con-Way Transportation Pg. 74Services Inc.Transportation and services

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Data warehouse brought together all business activity from all business units; installed CRM system to maintain call activity and results for each customer interaction

Jacquelyn Barretta, VP of IS

FY01 revenue: $1.9B

Employees: 15,500

Corporate Express North American Office Products

Office products and furniture

Broomfield, Colo.

Integrating e-procurement, product information management, ERP and warehouse management systems

Monty Sooter, Senior VP and CIO

Sandy McGregor, Director of IS

FY01 revenue: $5B

Employees: 14,300

Covisint LLC

B2B e-commerce

Southfield, Mich.

Hosts supplier management systems and private e-market for major suppliers

Kevin Vasconi, CTO

Mark Duhaime, Senior VP and General Manager of Strategic Sourcing

Revenue: NA

Employees: 355

Dell Computer Corp. Pg. 56

Computer hardware and services

Round Rock, Texas

Integrated supply and demand for custom order configuration; installed global, Web-based tech support

Randy Mott, CIO

FY02 revenue: $31.2B

Employees: 34,600

Delphi Corp.

Mobile electronics, transportation components and system technology

Troy, Mich.

Using ERP to replace approximately 2,200 disparate applications to integrate finance, purchasing, production control and logistics, and HR

Peter Janak, VP and CIO

Gary Robertson, CTO

FY01 revenue: $26B

Employees: 195,000

Delta Air Lines Inc.

Commercial airline


Major integration architecture and strategy tracks all aspects of business

Curtis Robb, Senior VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $13.9B

Employees: 76,273

Digex Inc.

Managed hosting

Laurel, Md.

CRM program revamped processes, tied marketing and sales to order management and client portal for real-time updates via the Web

Scott Carcillo, CIO, VP of IT and Services

George Kerns, Senior VP of Service Delivery and Operations

FY01 revenue: $214.4M

Employees: 1,393

DMC Stratex Networks Inc.

Wireless technology

San Jose, Calif.

Installed standardized solution to improve customer service, lower operating costs and decrease order cycle times

B. Lee Jones, CIO

FY02 revenue: $228.8M

Employees: 760The Dow Chemical Pgs. 40, 56



Midland, Mich.

Integrated systems from acquired company in one year

David E. Kepler, Corporate VP of E-Business and CIO

Arnold Allemang, COO

FY01 revenue: $27.8B

Employees: 50,000

Duke Energy Corp.

Energy services

Charlotte, N.C.

Established data consolidation system to match output with market demand

Cecil O. Smith, CIO and Executive VP of Information Management

FY01 revenue: $60B

Employees: 24,000

Eastman Chemical Co.


Kingsport, Tenn.

Integrated four out of six recently acquired companies into Eastman’s network infrastructure and SAP R/3 system; others will be completed this year

Jerry Hale, CIO

Roger Mowen, Senior VP of Global Customer Service

FY01 revenue: $5.4B

Employees: 15,800 Inc.

Automotive publishing

Santa Monica, Calif.

Website tightly integrated with suppliers and partners

David Haupt, CIO

Revenue: NA

Employees: 165

Equifax Inc. Pg. 66

Consumer credit reporting


CRM integration project to gather data and present single customer view

Owen Flynn, Senior VP, Corporate VP and CTO

FY01 revenue: $1.1B

Employees: 5,000

Everdream Corp.

Computer services

Fremont, Calif.

Integrated CRM application into near-real-time data warehouse to facilitate desktop support for users

Peter Rive, Chief Architect and Director of IS Development

Shashin Vora, VP of Engineering

Assets: $20M

Employees: 120

Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc.

Semiconductor manufacturer

South Portland, Maine

Provides online product design information to partners and suppliers

John M. Watkins, Senior VP and CIO

William Whitmore, Enterprise Systems Director

Stephen Colucci, Business Systems Director

FY01 revenue: $1.4B

Employees: 10,000

FedEx Corp.

Transportation, e-commerce and supply chain management

Memphis, Tenn.

Added wireless capability to customer-facing package tracking and drop-off locator system

Robert B. Carter, EVP and CIO

Winn R. Stephenson, Senior VP of IT

FY01 revenue: $20B

Employees: 215,000

Flextronics International Inc.

Electronics manufacturing


Tightly integrated all elements of supply chain

Mike Webb, Senior VP of IT

FY02 revenue: $13.1B

Employees: 75,000

FMC Corp.



Maintains direct connection with significant trading partners to automate commercial transactions

Edward Flynn, CIO

FY01 revenue: $2B

Employees: 6,000Foley & Lardner

Law firm


Implemented client management system to select, develop and manage customer relationships

Douglas D. Caddell, CIO

Darrell R. Ohlhauser, COO

FY02 revenue: $453M

Employees: 2,800

General Electric Co.

Manufacturer and distributor

Fairfield, Conn.

Maintains consistent e-business platform across business units

Gary M. Reiner, Senior VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $125.9B

Employees: 310,000

General Motors Corp.

Vehicle manufacturer


Reduced legacy application portfolio by half in five years; provided single data model for all engineering efforts

Ralph J. Szygenda, Group VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $177.3B

Employees: 362,000

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Tires and rubber products

Akron, Ohio

Expanding reach of company with integrated international growth

Eric A. Berg, VP of E-Commerce and CIO

FY01 revenue: $14.1B

Employees: 96,000

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.

Entertainment, hospitality, gaming

Las Vegas

Collects and uses repeat customer data with rewards program

John Boushy, CIO and Senior VP of Operations, Products and Services

Tim Stanley, VP of IT

David Richter, VP of Enterprise Systems Providers

FY01 revenue: $3.7B

Employees: 42,000

H.E. Butt Grocery Co.


San Antonio

Integrated along all aspects of supply chain, from suppliers and wholesalers to customers

Don Beaver, Senior VP of Information Solutions and CIO

FY01 revenue: $9B

Employees: 55,000

Henry Schein Inc.

Provider of health-care products and services

Melville, N.Y.

Integrated sales and service software with order-entry process and intranet-based scheduling tool

Jim A. Harding, CIO

Michael Raccioppi, President of Medical Group

James Breslawski, President of Sullivan Schein Dental

FY01 revenue: $2.5B

Employees: 7,000

IBM Corp.

IT services, hardware and software

Armonk, N.Y.

Established secure and personalized Web portal for enterprise customers

Samuel J. Palmisano, President and CEO

Philip S. Thompson, VP of Business Transformation and CIO

FY01 revenue: $85.9B

Employees: 319,876

ILEX Oncology Inc.


San Antonio

Creating an enterprisewide database to manage the development of new cancer drugs

Michael T. Dwyer, Executive VP and CFO

Don York, Senior Director of IT

Steve Reeves, Senior Systems Engineer

FY01 revenue: $24.6M

Employees: 320

Independent Purchasing Cooperative Inc. (IPC)

Independent purchasing cooperative


Extranet analyzes and streamlines data within restaurant supply chain

George Labelle, Director of IS

Roger Trombino, VP and CFO

FY01 revenue: $1.5B

Employees: 35

Intel Corp.

Chip manufacturer

Santa Clara, Calif.

Integrated manufacturing, distribution and sales processes

Douglas F. Busch, CIO

Prasad Rampalli, VP and Director of Enterprise Business Computing

FY01 revenue: $26.5B

Employees: 83,000

Johnson Controls Inc.

Auto interiors and building controls


Establishing knowledge-based integration to provide custom products

Subhash Valanju, VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $18.4B

Employees: 112,000

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Pg. 66

Financial services

New York City

Integrated existing customer-related applications into single platform; integrated midoffice production processes

John E. Gage, Senior VP for Chase Business Services

Richard J. Thompson, Financial Director of MIS Strategic Architecture

Charles Defelice, VP of Customer Profitability

FY01 revenue: $30B

Employees: 97,000

Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP

Law firm


Integration across all platforms in all locations; integrated HR applications; connected financial information

Steven W. Agnoli, CIO

Michael J. Sullivan, COO

FY01 revenue: $260M

Employees: 1,600

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

Doughnut manufacturer and retailer

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Web portal provides single point of entry to all company information; implemented online order-entry system

Frank Hood, CIO

John Tate, COO

FY02 revenue: $394.4M

Employees: 3,200

Lands’ End Inc.


Dodgeville, Wis.

Provides efficient capture and use of customer data regardless of sales channel

Frank Giannantonio, Senior VP and CIO

FY02 revenue: $1.6B

Employees: 9,800


Health care

Providence, R.I.

Established secure, Web-based browser that provides caregiver and patient data, and clinical testing results from three affiliate hospitals via single data repository

Carole Cotter, Senior VP and CIO

Fred Macri, Senior VP of Shared Services

FY01 revenue: $1.3B

Employees: 15,192

Maricopa County Community College District

Higher education

Tempe, Ariz.

Collaborative of community colleges providing students with single transcript and bill

Earl Monsour, CIO of Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Ron Bleed, Vice Chancellor of IT Services

James DeVere, Director of Strategic IT

FY02 budget: $689.5M

Employees: 3,900

Maricopa County Integrated Criminal Justice Information Systems Agency

Criminal justice technology


Undergoing major integration project to link law enforcement agencies throughout county

Larry Bernosky, Manager of Data Integration

John Doktor, Director

FY02 budget: $140M

Employees: 6,765

Marketron Inc. (formerly called BuyMedia)


Burlingame, Calif.

Enabled radio and TV stations to export and transmit invoice data to website via XML for electronic distribution to advertising agencies

Keith Winter, COO

Bob Winters, VP of Product Development

Sid Knight, VP of Systems Development

FY01 revenue: $20M

Employees: 220

Menlo Worldwide LLC

Global supply chain management and solutions

Redwood City, Calif.

Replacing global systems to bring business into single application environment

Ron Berger, Managing Director

Ed Feitzinger, Senior VP of Menlo Worldwide Technologies

FY01 revenue: $2.9B

Employees: 11,700

MetLife (Metropolitan Pgs. 40, 46Life Insurance Co.)Financial services

New York City

Integrated ledger system for acquired companies and different business units

Robert H. Benmosche, Chairman and CEO

Daniel J. Cavanagh, Executive VP of Operations and IT

FY01 revenue: $32.5B

Employees: 46,154

National City Corp. Pgs. 40, 74

Banking and investments


Connected front-end systems to back-end data through standardized, reusable APIs accessed through shared messaging infrastructure

James Hughes, Executive VP and CIO

H. Anthony Hai, Senior VP and Director of Project Services

FY01 revenue: $6.2B

Employees: 32,360

NestlŽ USA

Consumer food products

Glendale, Calif.

Order-to-cash system helps manage order entry, inventory and receipts; demand and supply planning ensures timely supply of products; trade management impacts overall forecasting

Jeri Dunn, CIO

Dick Ramage, VP of Supply Chain

FY01 sales: $8.1B

Employees: 16,000

Nistevo Corp.


Eden Prairie, Minn.

Provides network for customers to collaborate on shipments and containers

Mike Campbell, Director of IT Services

Revenue: NA

Employees: 65

Nortel Networks Corp.

Solutions provider

Brampton, Ontario

Implemented global EAI; customer integration initiative allows for greater customer interaction; supply chain integration connects manufacturers, OEMs and suppliers

Richard Ricks, CIO

Chahram Bolouri, President of Global Customer Care and Supply Chain Operations

FY01 revenue: $17.5B

Employees: 47,000

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Defense electronics, shipbuilding, IT and integrated systems

Los Angeles

Used IT shared services model to incorporate systems from two acquisitions, including integrating networks, data centers, help desks and e-mail systems

Thomas W. Shelman, VP and CIO

Rapheal Holder, VP of Shared Services Operations

FY01 revenue: $13.6B

Employees: 97,000

O’Reilly Automotive Inc.

Automotive retailer and wholesaler

Springfield, Mo.

Integrated inventory systems from 10 distribution facilities and approximately 900 retail and wholesale locations

Greg Henslee, Copresident

Mike Williams, VP of IS

FY01 revenue: $66.4M

Employees: 13,250

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Prohibition of chemical weapons The Hague, Netherlands

Implemented relational database-centric solution that pools multinational chemical weapon data with inspection work

Stefan Zutt, Head of IS

Herbert Schulz, Director of Administration Division

Horst Reeps, Director of Verification Division

FY02 budget: $61.2M

Employees: 507

PacifiCare Health Systems Inc.

Health care

Santa Ana, Calif.

Implementing enterprise integration project that incorporates legacy systems

Maria Fitzpatrick, Senior VP and CIO

Mike Caretto, VP of Technology Architecture and Planning

FY01 revenue: $11.8B

Employees: 8,025

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Motion control systems


Web-based portal facilitates contact with customers, distributors and suppliers

William Eline, Current VP and CIO

John White, Retired VP and CIO

Robert McAdoo, Director of Business Systems

FY01 revenue: $6B

Employees: 40,000

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Regulatory authority

Harrisburg, Pa.

Integrated information silos across numerous statewide agencies

Karen Bassett, CIO

David E. Hess, Secretary

FY01 budget: $794.4M

Employees: 3,000

Pirelli S.p.A.

Tires and rubber products

Milan, Italy

Completed enterprise integration project to improve order times and profitability

Dario Scagliotti, CIO

Carlo Buora, CFO and General Manager

Giovanni Ferrario, COO and General Manager

FY01 revenue: $7B

Employees: 41,900

PolyOne Corp.

Polymer products and services


Consolidated different business units onto single SAP platform

Thomas A. Waltermire, Chairman, President and CEO

Kenneth M. Smith, VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $2.7B

Employees: 8,000

The Procter & Gamble Co. Pg. 66

Consumer packaged goods manufacturer


Extensive supply chain integration with major retailers and wholesalers

Stephen N. David, CIO and B2B Officer

FY01 revenue: $39B

Employees: 106,000

Quaker Chemical Pgs. 40, 82Corp.

Specialty chemicals

Conshohocken, Pa.

Deployed intranet/extranet system to provide employee, customer, supplier and partner access to enterprise business applications

Irving Tyler, CIO

Ian Clark, VP and Global Industry Leader for Metalworking

Mark Harris, VP and Global Industry Leader for Steel/Fluid

FY01 revenue: $251M

Employees: 965

Raytheon Co.

Defense electronics

Lexington, Mass.

Maintains consistent platform strategy with steady flow of mergers and acquisitions

Rebecca Rhoads, VP and CIO

Sheila Charif, VP of Enterprise Applications

FY01 revenue: $16.9B

Employees: 79,000

Roadway Express Inc.

Less-than-truckload motor carrier

Akron, Ohio

Developed cost-effective two-way messaging and vehicle-tracking system for pickup and delivery operations

Robert W. Obee, VP and CIO

John D. Bronneck, VP of Operations

James R. Rowe, Assistant VP of Operations, Planning and Engineering

FY01 revenue: $2.8B

Employees: 26,100

Royal Bank of Canada Pgs. 40, 66

Financial services


Consolidated customer data into single, well-organized data warehouse

Martin J. Lippert, Vice Chairman and CIO

John Joyce, Executive VP of Common Technology and Operation

FY01 revenue: $14.7B

Employees: 60,000

Ryder System Inc.

Transportation and logistics


Developed a KM center that links sales and marketing with operations and supply chain management

Eduardo Vital, Executive VP of IT Services and CIO

FY01 revenue: $5.1B

Employees: 30,000

Sabre Inc.

Online travel services provider

Southlake, Texas

Integrated supplier data from numerous sources on single e-commerce platform

Carol A. Kelly, Senior VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $2.1B

Employees: 7,000

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.

Paperboard packaging


Aggregates production demand information from multiple customers to better predict production

Jim Burdiss, VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $8.4B

Employees: 38,500

Solectron Corp. Pg. 82

Electronics design, manufacturing, repair and supply chain management

Milpitas, Calif.

Integrated supply chain to provide visibility to suppliers and customers

Bud Mathaisel, Corporate VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $18.7B

Employees: 73,000

Solutia Inc.

Specialty materials and services

St. Louis

Integrated process control systems including more than 60 servers and hundreds of applications

John C. Hunter, Chairman and CEO

Johnnie M. Foster, VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $2.8B

Employees: 9,000

Staples Inc. Pgs. 40, 56

Office supplies

Framingham, Mass.

Enterprisewide integration involving website, point-of-sale system, order management system, distribution system and supply chain

Paul Gaffney, CIO

Brian Light, EVP of Business Delivery

Jay Baitler, SVP of Contract Division

FY01 revenue: $10.7B

Employees: 51,000

State of Ohio

State government

Columbus, Ohio

Has state agencies working together on IT initiatives; providing single point of online entry for state services

Greg Jackson, Asst. Director and CIO

FY01 revenue: $21.3B

Employees: 60,611

State Street Corp.

Investment servicing, investment management, research and trading


Established portfolio of multicurrency transaction-processing applications to provide single window to global information

John A. Fiore, CIO and Executive VP

FY01 revenue: $3.9B

Employees: 19,000

The Toro Co.

Outdoor maintenance products

Bloomington, Minn.

Implemented data warehouse for analytical reporting; established B2B initiative to connect dealers, distributors and customers

Michael Drazan, VP of Corporate IS

FY01 revenue: $1.4B

Employees: 5,000

TruServ Corp.



Developing integrated networks with retail outlets to compete with larger chains

Neil Hastie, Senior VP and CIO

Eric Lane, Director of E-Business

FY01 revenue: $2.6B

Employees: 3,965

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)

Nonprofit for the survival, protection and development of children

New York City

Implemented repository for critical application integration meta-data, including communications and error-handling protocols

Andre Spatz, CIO

Ellen Yaffe, CFO

FY01 revenue: $1.2B

Employees: 7,500

Unisys Corp.

IT services

Blue Bell, Pa.

Assembled HR data, integrated financial and accounting information; tied in sales-force automation

John C. Carrow, VP and CIO

Upinder Phanda, VP of Cornerstone and Global Systems Administration

FY01 revenue: $6B

Employees: 37,000

UPS (United Parcel Service of America Inc.)



Established data-centric enterprise integration accessed by shared messaging infrastructure

Ken Lacy, Senior VP and CIO

FY01 revenue: $30.6B

Employees: 370,000

U.S. Joint Forces Pg. 26Command Joint military support

Norfolk, Va.

Developed process to bring together numerous integration and transformation projects with input from government, industry, academic organizations and coalition partners

Maj. Gen. Dean Cash, Director of Concept Development and Experimentation

David Ozolek, Assistant Director of Joint Experimentation

Annette Ratzenberger, Chief of Engineering and Experimentation

Revenue: NA

Employees: 2,300


Financial services

San Antonio

Developed strategic enterprise IT architecture and governance process

Stephen E. Yates, President of IT

FY01 revenue: $9B

Employees: 21,859

The Vanguard Group Inc.

Investment management

Malvern, Pa.

Integrated customer contact channels; set up enterprise database for single client view

Mortimer J. Buckley, Principal of IT

Assets: $600B

Employees: 10,500

Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Alcohol distribution retail and enforcement

Richmond, Va.

Integrating people and processes to heal tenuous relations between IT and clients

Chris Saneda, CIO

Ron Layne, CFO

FY01 revenue: $340M

Employees: 2,000

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Retail chain

Bentonville, Ark.

RetailLink system links distribution systems with suppliers

Kevin Turner, Executive VP of IS and CIO

FY02 revenue: $217.8B

Employees: 1.3M

Waste Management Inc. Pg. 66

Waste collection, disposal and recycling


Standardizing business processes across 1,500 locations; using revenue management system to standardize more than 800 customer databases

Thomas L. Smith, Senior VP of IT and CIO

FY01 revenue: $11.3B

Employees: 55,000

Wells Fargo & Co. Pg. 56

Community banking

San Francisco

Integrated information to provide real-time view of customer relationships across all business units

C. Webb Edwards, CEO of Wells Fargo Services Co.

FY01 revenue: $20.2B

Employees: 120,000

Wyndham International Inc.

Luxury hotel and resort operator


Brought together business systems to provide easier guest access, personalization and integrated framework to support customer profiles

Fred J. Kleisner, Chairman and CEO

Mark F. Hedley, Senior VP and CTO

FY01 revenue: $2.1B

Employees: 26,000