by CIO Staff

MetLife’s Seven Principles of IT Management

Aug 15, 20021 min
IT Leadership

  • Enable the business. MetLife will align IT initiatives with business initiatives, using technology to achieve business goals efficiently and remain agile in the marketplace.
  • Ensure information integrity. MetLife will design and maintain its architecture to protect IT assets from unauthorized access, sabotage, piracy or disaster.
  • Create a common customer view. MetLife businesses will implement technology solutions that foster a unified view of the customer.
  • Promote consistent architecture. MetLife will implement IT and development standards that are compliant with the organization’s strategic architecture while allowing for responsible, exception-based variations.
  • Utilize industry standards. MetLife will make technology choices based on vendor-neutral standards, and choose products from established, stable vendors that provide the best available technology and service.
  • Reuse before buy; buy before build. Whenever appropriate, MetLife will reuse currently deployed technology to meet growing business needs. When reuse does not meet business requirements, MetLife will first consider purchasing solutions before developing new proprietary systems.
  • Manage IT as an investment. MetLife will manage information technology and associated processes as an investment portfolio, adopting new solutions when cost-effective and retiring existing technology that is no longer cost-effective or risk-acceptable.