by Christopher Lindquist

Product Review: Good Technology Good G100 Wireless Device

Jul 01, 20021 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Startup communications company Good Technology has announced the release of its first product, the Good G100 Wireless Handheld device.

The palm-size communicator resembles a Research in Motion BlackBerry but offers some extra features, including a keyboard with slightly curved keytops to provide the sense of more thumb space and a navigation bar that can be used with either hand. The 4.7-ounce G100 also features a backlit 212-pixel-by-138-pixel screen and a lit keyboard for sending and viewing messages in low light or dark conditions. The screen provides 16 levels of grayscale, allowing users to see more detail in retrieved documents.

The product works with the company’s GoodLink wireless data access service that provides two-way, cradle-free synchronization with Microsoft Exchange servers. The G100 communicator can also be used with GoodInfo, which offers integration with corporate data in enterprise applications, such as those from Oracle and Siebel.

Pricing for the G100 hasn’t been set, though the company claims it will be competitive with other similar products. Pricing for the GoodLink service varies by implementation. For more information, visit