by CIO Staff

JetBlue’s Top 10 IT Investments

Jul 01, 20022 mins
IT Leadership

Microsoft Exchange 2000

Implemented: Feb. 2000

Cost: $300,000

Description: E-mail server

Benefit: No specific cost savings cited; part of standardization on Microsoft products

Dash GROUP Maintenance System

Implemented: Oct. 1999

Cost: $120,000

Description: Software to log all airplane parts and their time cycles

Benefit: Electronic system for tracking parts; trims manual tracking costs

Best Software HR/Payroll Software

Implemented: Nov. 1999

Cost: $150,000

Description: Enterprise human resources software

Benefit: Consolidates several JetBlue pay schedules into one system

Bornemann Associates Flight Planning System

Implemented: Dec. 1999

Cost: $120,000/year

Description: Software that handles all flight planning for JetBlue

Benefit: Drives down costs; makes operations more efficient

Aviation Training Management System

Implemented: Dec. 1999

Cost: $90,000 plus $45,000 for customization

Description: Database tracks employee training records

Benefit: Electronic record-keeping cuts costs and improves efficiency Website

Implemented: Jan. 2000

Cost: $450,000 plus internal development costs

Description: Public website

Benefit: Online sales expected to top $400 million in 2002

Open Skies Reservation System

Implemented: Jan. 2000

Cost: Approximately $100,000/month

B>Description: Airline reservation and accounting system

Benefit: Important for customer service and sales tracking

Paperless Cockpit

Implemented: Jan. 2000

Cost: $100,000 (internal development)

Description: Pilot laptops

Benefit: Keeps pilot manuals updated (FAA regulated) while saving hundreds of thousands on printing costs


Implemented: Oct. 2000

Cost: $200,000 (internal development)

Description: Intranet

Benefit: Connects 2,100 employees

Microsoft SharePoint Portal

Implemented: Nov. 2000

Cost: Acquired via Microsoft development partners program and $250,000 in enhancements

Description: Portal for flight manual updates; supports paperless cockpit

Benefit: Allows electronic changes to flight manuals every few days