by CIO Staff

A Checklist to Help Secure Your B2B Partnerships

Jun 15, 20021 min

1. Maintain working firewalls.

2. Keep security patches up to date.

3. Use and update antivirus technology.

4. Maintain a comprehensive, written security policy.

5. Adhere to a secure application-development methodology and build security into all applications.

6. Utilize access-control and authorization tools appropriate for the type of information to be accessed, stored or transmitted.

7. Encrypt any sensitive information transmitted over the Internet.

8. Maintain active threat-monitoring and response procedures.

9. Require notification of any security incidents.

10. Require security verification through third-party audit or penetration testing.

11. Segment the network architecture.

12. Conduct background checks for all employees who may access your company’s sensitive information.

13. Require contractual indemnification for damage and liability caused by a partner’s security failure.