by Christopher Lindquist

9X Media Offers X-Top Multiple Monitor System Lets Users Connect 9 LCDs to a Workspace

Jun 15, 20021 min
Data Center

If you’re feeling cramped and need some more computer screen space, 9X Media ( may have the digital real estate you’re looking for.

The company’s line of X-Top multiple monitor systems lets you connect up to nine (yes, nine) LCD screens into a single virtual workspace. The product uses a set of linked support arms mounted on a central hub to hold flat-panel displays (15 to 24 inches in diagonal measurement) in position as one viewing unit.

Customers can start small?say a pair of 15-inch screens?and then add more or get bigger as their needs and budget allow. Each screen can be moved individually for optimal, ergonomic positioning. 9X Media can supply screens (both analog and digital) with the system, or customers can provide their own (the arms work with any Vesa-compatible LCD display).

The X-Top systems come with a hub, monitor arms, a sound system and necessary cables. Running the monitors may require customers to buy extra video cards or an additional multimonitor-capable card. Pricing for the X-Top systems starts at around $1,699 for a version with two 15-inch displays.