by Stephanie Overby

CRM Tips for the Little Guys

Jun 01, 20022 mins
CRM Systems

Advice for deploying customer relationship management software at small to mid-size enterprises.

1. Buy user-friendly

Chances are you won’t have an IT expert running your CRM products like the big guys. So buy based on who will actually have to operate the software.

2. Avoid sticker shock

Don’t be scared off by reports of competitors spending millions on CRM. Seek out vendors serving the small to midsize market or your vertical industry for a price more in line with your budget.

3. Create power users

You probably won’t have many full-time employees whom you can dedicate to making the most of your CRM tools. Supplement them with those on staff interested in getting their hands dirty exploring the software’s full potential in order to make the most of the investment.

4. Align your CRM solutions with your overall strategy

“You have to define CRM first and foremost as a business strategy and organizational philosophy that is supported by technology so you create a culture that understands what it’s all about,” says Michael Frey, COO of Union National Community Bank in Mount Joy, Pa.

5. Change processes that don’t work

Building CRM systems and processes around existing inefficient processes is a waste of time; don’t be afraid to ditch them, no matter how long you’ve been doing it that way.